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What exactly is MVWWW, you ask?

  • An HTTP Integration toolkit/API designed for use with multi-valued database management systems.
  • Utilization of 'tried and true' Xinetd or Inetd service handler, for socket management. Non-*nix O/S ports of this service are available.
  • Utilization of file queueing, for cross-flavor portability.
  • Utilization of the standardized CGI environment, cross-platform compatible Perl or C coding, and standard TCP/IP sockets.
  • Easy to implement API, with subroutines to call for web content display/output, obtaining form values, and setting browser pragma.

So, what exactly do I need, to get this running?
  • A copy of OpenQM, D3, or Universe and a supported operating system to run it on.
  • A web server that is CGI compliant and Perl 5.x to run the Perl script.
  • Xinetd, Inetd, or some kind of standard I/O based socket service. An example configuration is currently provided for Xinetd.

What does the code look like for the API?

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